Pastor Martyn with a batch of Stackedwell Belgian Blonde that he made.

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Martin Luther

The Godfather of Home-brew

Martin Luther, the namesake of the Lutheran church was a lover of the mighty and majestic wonder sauce called beer! He is the reason beer is what it is today. And what is that you might ask? Well, beer is made up of water, yeast, grains and hops. In Luther's day, gruit was the favored drink which was a fermented beverage made of grains and differing herbs and spices. It was a potent drink which led to much debauchery and was looked down upon by the church. But the main issue that Luther had with the drink was that everyone was making it. They were using all the grain that was available and there was not enough for bread making. People were starving, but they were not thirsty. 

So, to help preserve the drink and free up grain for bread, Martyn Luther introduced the idea of adding hops to the gruit to make what we now know as beer! Water, Grain, Hops, Yeast.

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Holy week

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Beach Fellowship

Summer evenings in Tahoe lend themselves

  1. perfectly to join up with new and old friends for beach fellowship

Dates for this summer's beach fellowship dates will be determined in May

Please check back so you can come on out and relax at the beach with us!

We are looking for interested parties to join us in brewing a batch of the "Sweet Baby Jesus Honey Blonde Ale" made popular at our Summerfest event.  Please mark your calendar for Saturday, April 25th, at 2pm.  

      Meeting will be held at Hope Lutheran Church 930 Julie Lane, South Lake Tahoe, CA.

“Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!”
​ ― Martin Luther

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